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Au Tango Boudoir, 

tango clothes made by tango dancers for tango dancers
and anyone who enjoy comfy, stylish, durable and easy to care dancing or daily clothes!

About me

I was born in the North of France, which has a famous textile industry legacy, empowered today by fantastic fashion-designers.

My great-grandfather was a talented tailor for gents. Even if I was born too late to meet him, from my childhood, I was dreaming of becoming a fashion-designer and drawn dozens of crazy designs.

Of course, my mum kept them all!! 

I can tell you, there's not much to keep for tangowear outfits designing!

But luckily, I was given my great-grandfather's pair of scissors from XIXth century. Tbh, they look like any other. But they're the only thing that connects me to him. It makes them very precious to me and always reminded me what my dream was.


Despite of having a poor eyesight, my aunt took time to teach me how to use my grandma's old sewing machine. 

Old things - good things. Like the scissors, it still works perfectly. 

Before you ask, no I'm not the one sewing the models I design. I want the garments to be very well manufactured. Not only I pick the best fabrics for you, but I make sure that you will be 100% happy with it when finished. As I said, my eyesight doesn't allow me to be efficient enough, neither for demanding clients, nor for myself.

So I work with a fantastic team who makes almost all my and your dreams come truth!

I felt in love with Argentine Tango for the first time in Lille - Milonga à la Vieille Bourse in 2008. But I got addicted in 2011, when I finally found a friend willing to give it a try. Then I started my tango journey in Paris, travelled the world, event after event. Met fantastic people and got the opportunity to get my own tango shoes and outfits made to order.

Back in 2015, I missed almost a whole afternoon of a great tango event, while choosing the materials of my next - unique - beautiful - incredibly comfortable - tango shoes. At that point I realized that it would be really cool to give the same opportunity to my tango community. That's when I launched Calesitango, a French non-profit organization which organizes international tango events. It is self-founded by made to order tango shoes, wedding and street shoes workshops. I really enjoy spending time with the members, trying to find the perfect match to fit their dreams.

Join Calesitango on Facebook, discover some of the unique design we created with our members.

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You can imagine how excited I was the first time I got the chance to open the fabrics' cabinets of a sewing atelier. Looking for the most treasurable and inspiring ones, then design what I needed. Of course, because my body is only perfect in its own way, I had nothing really convenient to wear for dancing. Showing too much, not stretchy enough, moving around my body or flying too high when close to a big fan... You know what I mean, right? That's how Au Tango Boudoir came to life and decided to conquer the world, counting on amazing brands as partners!


My goal is to make you feel as unique as you are

Not only I provide you with high quality materials and manufacturing, but I ensure that everyone can find a design that suits their morphology, and I offer you the possibility of customizing your tango-dressing to your taste from a wide choice of fabrics. Take a look a it and enjoy your visit :)

COVID19 info

Due to the worldwide sanitary situation, we had to close our eshop and business in BC. We moved the activity to France, where we are still in transition, working on a very special project for you!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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