Sizing & Fitting

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Women sizes



Measure A over the chest, B above the belly button and X the desired length of the top.


  • With high waist: Measure B above the belly button, D at the widest point of the hips and Z the desired length of the skirt

  • With low waist: Measure C under the belly button, D at the widest point of the hips and Y the desired length of the skirt from under the belly


Measure A over the chest, B, D over the widest point of the hips and H the desired length of the dress from the shoulder down over the chest and mention also how tall you are in cm.

Men sizes


Measure the shoulders size A, at the outermost point of the shoulders (to be measured in the back).

Measure B all around the chest, just under the arms.

Measure C surrounding the waist and belly area, breathing normally.

Measure D at the widest point of the hips.

Measure the arm length E from the shoulder to the base of the thumb.

Measure the total length F in the back, from the upper point of the collar to the height of the hip.



Measure G exactly where you would like the belt to be seated. Obtain your size by dividing G by 2.
Example: If your G is 100 cm you would be a size 50 (100:2 = 50). You can also measure it on the inside of a pant that fits you well. Don’t forget to button it first.

Wearing your tango shoes, measure H on the side of a pair of pants that have the proper length from the top of the belt to the end of the pant (including the belt).

Note: G & H should be measured from a higher point for high waist models (TP2 and Retro)

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