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More than 80 hours of works are needed to manufacture a suit.


Have a look on our partners beautiful tango trousers!

Among our favorite partner brands, Tangolon offers fluid and elegant cuts, great dancing comfort and impeccable finishes!

Tangolon is a brand that puts quality and customer satisfaction first, by designing different models to suit everyone's needs. That's also Au Tango Boudoir's guideline! This is how start great partnerships!


Touchline is not just a tango brand… They offer new generation tango clothing and are involved into sustainability and slow fashion, which is a shared goal we have Au Tango Boudoir.


Discover their models on the occasion of a private shopping session Au Tango Boudoir!


We offer you made to order tango pants in most of the cuts we provide.

Contact us first for availability in your size, or confirm the fabric you want is available.

Hand-crafted tango trousers and suits

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